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ATTENTION Friends:  Click the above 'COMMERCIAL DEMO' to sample this month's VOICE-DEMO mix. Total length is 07:28m and contains a dozen or so audio files of approximately :30s in time.

On this website you will find a widely diverse selection of professional voice work in terms of production value, budget, intended audience, and genre.  This is only a small sampling of Michael's recent and past voice-over and script-writing work.

Contact us directly to discuss your specific project details and if requested, a FREE DEMO of your project's script.

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You can rely on Michael's nearly 20-year Voice-Over & Acting experience in film, commercials, sports, education, and virtually all broadcast & new-media.

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"MD is The Voice for our audience.


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"Michael delivers what we need, when we need it.  That's why we use him!"  - Mr. Alan Fox, IDC

24 FOX Episode Intro - MDamon.mp3 24 FOX Episode Intro - MDamon.mp3
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FOX RACING SHOX - product promo.mp3 FOX RACING SHOX - product promo.mp3
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ROLEX SUBMARINER - Michael Damon 529.mp3 ROLEX SUBMARINER - Michael Damon 529.mp3
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 "Michael Damon is a terrific talent. He knows the business, works hard and still loves to laugh and make others laugh! If we never saw him on the Paramount lot again it would be too soon...I've known him since he was probably in 6th grade and never liked him. When Michael was in high school and he would come to Paramount, he always had his own golf cart provided by (studio executive) Howard W. Koch, no less. He was Mini-Mario Andretti ." 

Howard  told me one day that if he gave young Michael a golf cart, it would always be returned clean & undamaged. Before this partnership, there were 'unsubstantiated rumors' of unsanctioned off-track golf cart racing, cart abandonment, rollovers, even a "Paramount Pictures 500!"  I couldn't write this stuff...Wait, I do."                                                                                                                   - Producer, Mr. Garry Marshall


"Talent, looks, and personality!  But would it kill him to call his mother?"

                                                         - Michael Damon's Mother


    Call today for a DEMO of your script or a job price quote.  (951) 453-9752.  Same day.  No obligation.

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In memory of Mr. Tom Bosley.  He will deservedly be remembered as a popular award-winning actor, legendary voice-artist, & a trusted patriarch of one of the most talented and successful performing ensembles in television sitcom history, "Happy Days".
The longevity of his acting career is a testament to his artistic sensibility, impeccable dramatic timing, & professional integrity.  Tom was a loyal friend with sage advice and an unwavering strength of character.
While Tom's professional accomplishments are impressive, his greatest gifts were the love he had for family and the joy he gave his friends.                                        Tom was an absolutely adoring husband, a loving brother, & an intensely proud father.  He was a lifelong Chicago Cubs fan, and loved his grandchildren more than anything in the world.                                                                                            
Godspeed Tom and God Bless.

Mr. James MacArthur was a marvelous guy, a truly magnificent storyteller who loved to learn and laugh.  Jim was a keen thinker.  He was smart, interesting, loving and compassionate.  In spite of the iconic status he earned playing "Dano" on Hawaii Five-O, his feet never left the ground.  Our loss is Heaven's gain.


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"I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears and sweat."                                                         - Sir Winston Churchill

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